Tuesday April 16, 2024

Interesting PR Battle

What happens when you are wealthy and give to political causes?  The opposite side will attack you.  That is what is happening to the billionaire Koch brothers.  They are in the midst of an interesting PR battle.  As conservatives, they are the targets of liberals who are trying to define the Koch’s as manipulative right-wingers.  In turn, […]

Interesting Ploy

Craigslist started to block adult content from its site over the weekend with the word “censored” in place of the word “adult.”  Some are interpreting this as a protest against attorneys general who were pushing the site to get rid of ads for prostitution, among other X-rated services.  From a Free Speech point of view, […]

Interesting PR Problem

Attorneys General are pushing Craigslist to drop prostitution ads from its service.  The head of Craigslist resisted at first but is sounding more conciliatory now.  It is an interesting PR problem whether to tolerate an activity that almost always has criminality associated with it or to exclude it.  What would you do? Tweet This Post


This is an interesting article of use to PR practitioners.  It discusses the kinds of data that the White House and Congress track in order to determine the health of the economy.  The data is not the usual fare reported in the news — GDP, unemployment rate, retail sales, etc.  These numbers reflect where the […]

Interesting Week

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to take time off.  In the past week, a general committed career suicide by interview and a president bolstered his polls with a financial reform bill.  About the general, Stanley McChrystal, one wonders if he paid attention to the PR training he had during his rise to the top.  His blunder was […]

Interesting Crisis

It seems that climate change experts are combating a crisis. The record snowstorms on the East Coast and across the US have given support to those who say there is no global warming. Experts are now trying to differentiate between local weather and overall earth temperature. They will need powerful reasoning to regain public opinion, […]

Interesting Dilemma

The US is pulling back from Haiti and reducing the number of military on the ground and the sea. The Haitians are critical of that step. They need help. On the other hand, if the US stays too long, the Haitians will be uncomfortable that the US is acting like an imperial power. What is […]