Thursday June 13, 2024

It’s Not Just Ads Making Dad Look Bad

Along with several other timely Father’s Day stories, I’ve got something to say. But it’s more of a question. Why is the ad industry taking all of the heat for portraying dads in a bad light? Don’t get me wrong, I can’t agree more with Adweek’s “The Demise of the Doofus Dad in Ads.”  Ads have […]

Making Sense of Social Media’s Speed (aka: Not So Fast Google+!)

Brian Solis recently posted a factoid on Google+ that looks to be pure powerpoint pr0n. Number of Days to Reach 10 Million UsersFacebook: 852Twitter: 780Foursquare 730Google+: 16 And Google+ is already closing in on 20 million users. Impressive statistics. But after resharing it on Google+, two people were quick to qualify this milestone. Brad Marley: Solis’ […]