It is hard to accept but there are impossible situations that trap organizations.  There is no exit and little hope.  This is one.  The article might be a little overstated but it is mostly correct.  The US Postal Service has long been a hostage of Congress that won’t let it run like a business but demands that it show profits like an economic enterprise.  The situation is loony but there isn’t much postal executives can do.  Their decision to stop Saturday delivery is unpopular but more acceptable than what they wanted to do and should have done — close post offices and shrink the system.  Congress wouldn’t allow that.  From a PR perspective, there is almost nothing one can say to position a service that is out of touch with an e-mail/internet world and hopelessly inept in modernizing, not through its own fault.  One can only shake one’s head and wish the tens of thousands of employees and managers the best in struggling through their relentless decline.  Yes, one can publicize new stamps and ballyhoo the history of the letter carrier, but that isn’t going to change reality.  The Postal Service is a spinning wheel

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