If you are Huawei, how do you persuade the US government to use your telecommunications equipment?  The FBI, NSA and CIA have all cautioned Americans not to use its phones because of a chance of espionage.  Huawei is successful throughout the world but not in America because of security fears.  It has tried time and again to rebut charges that the Chinese government can use its equipment for intelligence gathering.  So far, nothing has worked.  The company is in a PR black hole from which it seemingly cannot get out.  Persuasion for Huawei starts with the government.  If it can’t convince the intelligence agencies that it does not work for the Chinese government, then there is no place else to go.  America’s cellular companies aren’t about to work with it and risk the wrath of the Feds.  It’s a tough position to be in and one for which there are few answers.

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