This is PR for an ongoing,culture change.  Some day, not far into the future, a car will drive itself.  The public is not ready for it — yet.  They need to be by time the first robotic cars reach dealerships.  Major automakers are edging into the technology by providing elements of self-driving without offering the whole package.  Thus we see lane guidance, rear driving sensors to prevent collisions, automatic braking to avoid striking another car.  Only a few companies are striving to provide the whole package — notably Google whose bug-like vehicles self-drive at a speed of 25 mph.  It is interesting that none of the major auto manufacturers have entered into partnership with Google.  That is either NIH (Not Invented Here) or caution.  Google’s cars drive 10,000 miles a week and have had 11 accidents — none the fault of the car.  The idea that one can safely sit in the driver’s seat and text, chat on the phone, watch a movie, scan through one’s e-mail is still too new to transportation agencies and law enforcement.  But that day is coming quickly.

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