Japan is joining war games being held by the US and Australia.  The move is significant since Japan has long forsworn the military.  The move also is PR targeted toward China and its ambitions in the South China sea.  There is no doubt that China is expansionist, and it is willing to use military action to get its way.  This has put all the island nations of Asia on alert.  While China says it is protecting territory it has long claimed, its neighbors beg to differ, but they are powerless themselves to halt China’s growth.  Japan is only just now beginning to expand its military after 70 years of self-defense forces.  Taiwan has designed defenses to repel China should it attack but it has little offensive might.  The Philippines have neither solid defense nor offense.  All these countries are dependent on the US to help and carry the day.  Hence, the war games and a military message to China.  There will be more of these in the years to come.

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