Not long ago, a Roman Catholic Bishop with red satin cincture, staff, mitre and the power of position could justify a mansion in which to live.  No longer.  Now a bishop apologizes to the laity for planning a multimillion dollar home.  This is the result of a culture change in the Roman Catholic Church brought on by a pope who has dedicated himself and his life to the poor.  There was nothing wrong with the trappings of power other than it helped one forget what he should be doing.  PR practitioners should study what has happened in the span of a year through the image of a pope kissing the feet of prisoners and embracing the ill.  One wonders what corporations would be like if CEOs were as self-effacing.  Not that CEOs should give up the perks of power.   Some of them, including the corporate airplane, are efficiency tools that help CEOs, already spread thin, stretch their time to even greater good.  The point is not the trappings but whether one feels entitled to them and considers himself above the rest of mankind.  Now, mansions are out for Roman Catholic bishops.  Will it improve their image to live more humbly?  Time will tell, but they need no longer justify where they live.

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