Lysol is the first hard-surface cleaner to be EPA approved to kill the coronavirus.  That is a marketing coup for the brand, as if it needed it, and a PR success.  The challenge for Lysol since the beginning of the pandemic has been to stock shelves.  That is a hurdle that all household cleaner brands have faced.  However, when supply finally catches up with demand, Lysol has a PR and marketing message that will put it at the head of the pack.  This is as significant as the American Dental Association approval of Crest toothpaste, which Procter & Gamble used to gain a large market share.  Look for the company to put “EPA-approved” on all of its bottles and spray containers and to launch a media campaign in which it emphasizes the germ- and virus-killing strength of the product.  The third-party endorsement is gold in the bank.

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