Wednesday March 20, 2019

Evil Wins

YouTube is learning that, despite its efforts, evil is winning and destroying the video channel’s reputation.  Major advertisers have left because child pornographers have found a way to penetrate YouTube’s algorithms.  The company has reacted by “terminating more than 400 channels, deleting accounts, and disabling comments on tens of millions of videos.”   But, it is […]

Sorry ‘Bout That

Google committed a technology faux pas by failing to tell customers that its Net Secure Smart Home hub has a microphone built in. People concerned about privacy were unhappy. How could the company forget to mention it in technical specifications?  The company says it was a mistake and was never intended to be a secret.  […]


Sometimes transparency is a curse.  One is naked to the public and criticized constantly for everything.  It would be better to make decisions behind closed doors and to reveal them later.  Consider the Oscars and their ongoing mess.  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has been fiddling with the ceremony in a futile […]

Know How They Feel

I know how the media feel about PR practitioners who flood them with irrelevant pitches and releases.  Every day I get a dozen or so emails from PR newswire.  I use none of them.  There is one agency that importunes me to interview authors.  I don’t do book reviews or author sit-downs.  Just once, recently, […]

Fake Facts

As this article discusses, fake facts are a growing crisis in the digital age, there are more ways than ever to broadcast them.  With the low cost of publishing online, lies spread quickly.  As PR practitioners know, there needs to be fast-twitch response to combat falsehoods, but even that might not be enough.  Who is […]

15-Year PR Success

Opportunity, the Mars rover, was a PR feather in NASA’s cap for 15 years.  Now, it is dead.  It was designed to last three months but it kept going and going and going for 28 miles and dozens of discoveries.  Opportunity proved that a mobile instrument package could survive the harsh environment of another planet.  […]


Here is just another recall.  There doesn’t seem to be many PR implications to hauling vehicles back to the repair shop.  Every car company does them: It is a cost of doing business.  But, it makes one wonder what a company could say if it has few to no recalls for an extended period, say 10 […]


This HBR article gives advice on what to do when one makes a mistake.  It reads like a PR text.  One should take responsibility without ducking or blaming, address what needs to be done right now and share what you will do differently next time.  It is transparency and an admission that no one is […]

The Power To Block

Over the decades auto manufacturers have tried a number of times to form direct connections with customers.  But auto dealers have blocked them. They are a powerful lobby in statehouses and have used their influence to strengthen their position.  What happens, then, when an auto maker who never has had dealers comes to market?  This […]

PR And Gouging

Senator Bernie Sanders is demanding to know why a drug that was once free is now costing patients $375,000 a year.  He has put the pharmaceutical company, Catalyst, on the spot.  The implication is that it is gouging patients for unmerited profit.  There might be good reasons for the stunning increase in price, but Catalyst […]