Saturday May 25, 2019

What’s In A Word?

If you Juul, are you not vaping nicotine?  Many teenagers think so in spite of the company’s prominent messages in its advertisements that its products contain the addictive chemical.  Apparently, teenagers do not equate Juuling with vaping.  That is why this year, pollsters will ask teens if they Jull to make sure they are getting […]


This article upholds the First Amendment privilege of comedians to roast the President of the United States.  It has long been a tradition at the White house correspondents’ dinner to launch jibes at the Chief in a spirit of fun and truth-telling.  Presidents have gamely put up with it until the current occupant of the […]

Robots And Humans

Amazon in its warehouses seems to have blended robots and humans and is holding people to machine standards.  If so, it is poor PR and is likely to end in union organizing.  Timing employees at their tasks is not new.  It was an essential part of scientific management at the turn of the 20th Century […]

Crisis Communications

The CEO of Boeing is engaged in crisis communications these days.  The money-maker for the company, the 737 Max, has turned into a dead loss.  He has little choice but to stand by the plane while investigations into its software continue and the company rolls out fixes.  It’s a tough position to be in.  Negative […]

In Search Of A Mission

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved the first drone delivery service to work as an airline.  The company will now start testing in Virginia and elsewhere.  It strikes one as a technology in search of a mission. There is little to show so far that drones will add enough marketing power to a business that […]


Companies sometimes try to get away with things in marketing that PR can’t abide.  Consider AT&T.  It has branded its 4G mobile network 5G E in an effort to make the public believe it is already offering 5G speeds.  It isn’t even though sophisticated users have been fooled.  The media are bashing the company for […]


A 19th Democratic candidate for President has made his intentions known and the field has turned into a cattle call.  There is no way that most will be able to rise above anonymity with voters, and the field will shrink as candidates run out of money and time.  From a PR perspective, it is an […]


Once an organization gets on the wrong side of an issue, it often takes a long time to correct course.  Consider Facebook and privacy.  The company has been under public censure for more than a year over the issue and now it seems to have botched its path forward again.  The repeated mistakes give the […]

Not Good

It has been more than 300 days since the Pentagon has given a press briefing.  That is not smart PR. The public should know what the military is thinking, not the least because it is such a large part of taxpayer funds.  Press briefings also humanize the military — put faces to names and provide […]

The Way It Is Now

The internet has made celebrity a peril. It opens a sluice for trolls, haters and the disgruntled to vent at a notable person.  It doesn’t matter whether the individual deserves recognition or not.  Consider the case of Katie Bouman, a young computer scientist from MIT who led a  team that developed software to develop the […]