Thursday January 21, 2021

Nearly Impossible Task

 The Russian cyberattack from earlier this year is now being disclosed publicly.  By all accounts, it was devastating to governments and corporations alike.  This highlights a nearly impossible task of protecting networks against sophisticated attackers.  They have numerous doors to systems and more are opening all of the time as software companies update their code.  […]

When One Should Speak

 The massive and critical cyberattack on the Federal and state governments is a time when the President should speak out and reassure the public.  President Trump has remained silent.  Instead, he has let cybersecurity agencies and experts sound the alarm and point the finger at a likely culprit — Russia.  There is no good reason […]

Voting With Their Feet

 Millions of Venezuelans have left the country and its ruinous economy in an indictment of President Nicolas Maduro and his leftist policies.  They’re voting with their feet.  Following them are tens of thousands of civil servants who have abandoned their jobs because the pay is too low to live on.  The country is hollow at […]

Needed To Be Said

 President-elect Joe Biden lit into President Trump yesterday for Trump’s denial of the election results.  It needed to be said since Trump’s efforts are anti-democratic and authoritarian.  There should be no room in the American political system for either of those two policies.  Biden repeated his statement that he wants to be President for all […]

Result Of Disinformation

 More women than men are reluctant to get the coronavirus vaccine.  This is serious because women tend to make healthcare decisions in the family.  The reluctance is the result of disinformation about the virus and vaccines developed this year.  Women are apparently afraid of protection developed so quickly.  They have tended to dismiss the large […]

Inching Away

 More Republican Senators are inching away from President Trump and admitting that Trump lost the election.  They have stayed silent till now because they are afraid of millions of Trump voters.  They have only themselves to blame for the vise in which they find themselves.  Had they stood up in the beginning and acknowledged his […]


 It’s embarrassing and a PR faux pas for a cybersecurity firm to be hacked and its software tools stolen.  Yet, that is the nature of the internet.  No one is safe, not even experts.  One can engage in prophylactic habits and still be done in by an invader.  There is no way to be absolutely […]

Deeper And Deeper

Trump supporters are sliding deeper and deeper into unreality over the results of the Presidential election.  Denial has slipped into insanity, and insanity into repeated attempts to overturn a fair election.  There is no persuasion that can change their minds and communicators are at a loss to do so.  It wouldn’t be worrisome if there […]

What About Us?

 Movie theater owners are in a difficult marketing position as motion picture companies put their products on streaming video.  They are beholden to content creators since they do no more than project films onto large screens and sell popcorn.  Movie makers can avoid the costs of distribution and much of marketing expense by going directly […]

Proceed With Caution

 Pfizer and BioNTech have won the race to be the first vaccine makers to get emergency approval for a COVID vaccine.  Now comes the hard part — manufacturing and distributing the doses to millions of people who must receive two shots three weeks apart.  It is time for quiet satisfaction at the two companies but […]