Monday September 16, 2019

And So, They Fall

There is another dropout among Democratic candidates for President — Jay Inslee.  That makes three with many more to come.  It is a sign of hubris for so many to be in the race.  They should have known the chances of rising to the top were slim at best.  Yet, they launched political marketing organizations […]

Political Publicity

Presidential candidates and their minders are quick to pick up on any medium that gets their names out to voters.  Now they are concentrating on podcasts and YouTube shows, media that barely registered in the last election.  There is a good reason for doing so.  They reach more young voters than any other type of […]

How Long Will This Last?

The CEOs of 200 companies have issued a new purpose for the corporation that gives shareholders a back seat.  It’s heartwarming publicity but the proof will be in performance.  Will it last only as long as the next stock meltdown and pressure from institutional investors?  A CEO of a troubled company would be foolhardy to […]

Limits of Planning

Disney, hotel operators and everyone connected to its amusement parks thought the new Star Wars attraction would be a smash hit.  So far, they are wrong.  The 14-acre section of Disneyland has been an early flop.  What happened?  And, if Disney, the entertainment giant, can’t get planning right, who else can do better?  Disney, after […]


For decades, the gold standard of scientific papers was the peer-reviewed journal printed on paper and expensive to publish and purchase.  With the internet, this has changed and printers of these scholarly works are feeling the heat.  Scientists are revolting against the cost and slow pace of publishing.  They get much of their information for […]

Serious Danger

Airbnb, the online home-sharing service, is in serious danger.  The threat is bed bugs.  Users have been afflicted with bites, welts and rashes while sleeping in rooms let through the company. If Airbnb can’t control the spread of the creature, it will lose its customer base.  The challenge is that the company does not have direct […]

Priceless Publicity

Porsche has always been a master of publicity and this is no different.  It let an auto journalist test its new EV over and over in fast acceleration. Not surprisingly, the vehicle performed extraordinarily well, launching time after time from 0 to 220 Kilometers per hour.  In other words, the car is pure Porsche.  It meets […]

Testing Limits

Hong Kong’s protesters are testing the limits of China’s patience.  They might yet find themselves in a police state without any freedoms they are striking for.  It would be terrible PR for Beijing to order troops into the city, but it might not stop them.  One can’t forget Tienanmen Square where activists were mowed down by […]

Suspect Marketing

Amazon has formed partnerships with police departments to give them access to its Ring video doorbell recordings.  The company considers crime prevention a good marketing strategy.  The problem is that Amazon didn’t make it public that it was doing this, and it didn’t ask householders whether they are willing to cooperate although the police will […]

Intrusive Marketing

Restaurants are beginning to Google customers to learn more about them.  The claim is they can serve their patrons better.  On the other hand, it is intrusive marketing.  Do you want to know that your background is a factor in the attention you get in a fancy restaurant?  One would expect the same level of […]