Friday July 10, 2020

What Took So Long?

Quaker Oats the parent company of the Aunt Jemima brand of syrup and pancake mix has announced it will change the name and image of the brand.  The question that should be asked is what took so long?  The brand was modeled after a racial characterization of 131 years ago.  Aunt Jemima was a roly-poly […]

Math Nonsense

This is a load of assumptions, algorithms and opinions dolled up in scientific formulae.  It is speculation with little to back it up.  Hence the number of exoplanets with intelligent life could be 36 or more or less or none.  We simply don’t know at this point in human history whether or where there might […]

Black Lives Matter

“Buildings matter.” “Arts and culture matter.” “All lives matter.”  These and similar obtuse riffs on “Black Lives Matter” have cost people their reputations and jobs.  They failed to understand that the nation’s raw emotions over the unjust deaths of black men and women did not allow for me-too variations.  It was an error of insensitivity […]

When Customers Are Wrong

Jeff Bezos has said he is happy to lose customers who criticize Amazon for supporting Black Lives Matter.  He said their position is racist and he doesn’t want his company to have anything to do with them.  This is positive PR for Amazon, which is still suffering from negative comments over how it has handled […]

Smart Move, Smart PR

IBM announced it is getting out of the business of facial recognition technology  It is a smart move and smart PR.  Facial recognition software is not perfect and has both gender and race biases built.  That was part of IBM’s concern but the remainder was the corporation doesn’t want to enable increased surveillance of the […]

How Not To Make Friends

During a protest in Manhattan, the police roughed up an Associated Press reporting team, only to be caught on camera by a videojournalist.  The police surely knew who the AP staffers were.  Their equipment was clearly marked and couldn’t be mistaken. But, the cops did it anyway and in the process betrayed their sense of […]

Smart Communication

Apple has taken a smart approach to looted cellphones during the ongoing protests.  It is letting thieves know their phones are disabled and being tracked by the company with authorities notified.  This is a fitting response to a minority of protesters who are on the streets for opportunities to rob retailers.  News reports have detailed […]


Read the beautiful letter to employees from America’s wealthiest African-American.  His call for love to offset racism is in marked contrast to thugs looting stores and burning buildings.  A criminal element has tainted tens of thousands of law-abiding protestors who have gathered around the country to decry police brutality.  One might point out that the […]

Employee Relations

Facebook employees are angry with their boss, Mark Zuckerberg, for failing to take down President Trump’s quote, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”  Zuckerberg says he is appalled by it but the First Amendment protects the words.  It was a tough call, especially after Twitter hid the inflammatory message with the approbation of its CEO.  […]


The publicity video is a long-time tool of public relations.  That is why this story is laughable.  Hundreds of segments a year are sent out by PR departments and agencies.  Each has a goal of being picked up and run in full or in part by local and national TV news organizations.  So, to pick […]