Sunday October 17, 2021

Early Obit

This news organization wrote an early obituary for Pope Francis, confidently predicting he won’t last another five years and reciting his achievements and failures in his job.  One must admire the chutzpah if not the accuracy of the article.  The best revenge for the Pope is to outlast the predictions and continue to do his […]

No Avoiding The Issue

Sometimes there is no way to duck an issue and communications of intent are forced upon a leader and an organization.  That is what is happening to the Biden administration now with the Cuban demonstrations.  Biden wasn’t ready to deal with the growing hunger and destitution on the island nation.  He left American sanctions in […]

Been There, Done That

Richard Branson, founder and owner of space tourism company Virgin Galactic, has taken the ultimate PR step of going to space himself.  He has proven his launch system works by riding it and he has beaten Jeff Bezos of Amazon to the punch.  Bezos is slated to mount his rocket later this month.  Both men are […]

Double Down

Elon Musk of Tesla is about to release a beta version of its Full Self Driving software/hardware package and he is hyping it to the public.  Given the accidents and lawsuits facing the company over the deficiencies of the current system, that is doubling down.  Tesla insists a driver is still in charge of the […]

Will He? Won’t He?

President Biden is under situation over the latest ransomware attacks.  He has promised to punish Putin for the deeds of Russian hackers, but what can he do?  There is no easy answer without raising tension between the two nuclear powers.  Putin has been resistant to sanctions imposed by the US.  Biden wants a stable relationship […]


The limits of persuasion are amply demonstrated in the COVID vaccination rate.  Despite the President, the national and state heads of disease control, physicians, neighbors, friends, relatives and more, there are still more than 30 percent of the population in the US who are refusing to get the jab.  It’s unexplainable.  Resisters have a variety […]

Face Of Disaster

The Miami-Dade mayor is performing an essential but gut-wrenching role — the face of disaster.  She is the one stepping before cameras daily to explain what rescuers are doing on the pile of concrete from the collapsed tower.  She didn’t have to take the job.  She could have left it to a leader of the […]

Change Of Heart?

According to this article, NASA is fighting to save the Hubble space telescope.  If so, it is a change of heart.  NASA publicly wanted to mothball Hubble in favor of a new scope set to be launched soon. If it is fighting hard to save Hubble, it understands the positive PR the scope has produced […]

What Can They Do?

The condo board of the collapsed building in Surfside, FL has hired a crisis PR firm.  The reason is to handle hundreds, if not thousands, of media queries and to stick to the facts of the case as they are known for the moment.  The situation in which the board finds itself is not good.  […]

One Chance

Some organizations and individuals have one chance to get actions and statements right.  If they declare a “mulligan”, they lose credibility, which is hard to win back.  That’s the situation in which the New York Board of Elections finds itself this morning.  It botched the count for the Democratic primary for mayor.  The board included […]