Monday September 28, 2020


Makers of cleaning products are reaching out to food and lodging companies to promote their brands.  It’s a wise move in response to the pandemic.  Consumers see their labels in donut shops and are spurred to buy them in the grocery aisle because if it is good enough for the vendor, it is good enough […]


Saying one thing and doing another is poor PR and hypocrisy.  Many companies suffer from it, and high tech is now being called to task.  Silicon Valley has been male-dominated and overwhelmingly white.  Tech entrepreneurs think of themselves as diverse and equitable, but too often they are not.  It never occurs to them that dissident […]

Does Anyone Care?

CNN fact-checked the first night of the Republican Convention and reported there was more dishonesty than in all four nights of the Democratic Convention.  Does anyone care?  Those opposed to Trump will nod their heads in agreement.  Those favoring him will say it is fake news.  One would hope it would have an impact on […]

Ask First

Sometimes it is better to seek permission rather than ask for forgiveness.  Consider this example.  Rio Tinto, the mining giant, blew up ancient aboriginal caves in Australia while expanding an iron ore mine.  It was a black mark on the company’s reputation and earned much-deserved criticism from the government and archaeologists.  What is worse is that […]


There is always room for a good publicity stunt, even in the midst of a political convention.  Rhode Island figured out a way to highlight its seafood in the midst of a roll call for the Presidential nominee.  It was a cute exposure for the official state appetizer, for restaurants and for tourism.  It didn’t […]

In The Crosshairs

The US Postal Service is in the crosshairs of political and economic debate.  Everyone agrees the giant agency is a budgetary disaster and isn’t competing well with Federal Express or United Parcel Service.  That’s where unanimity stops.  Postal unions insist it is not a business but an essential service for citizens.  Congress should regularly pony […]

Serial Lies

Some people are pathological liars.  They cannot recognize facts nor want to, and they make up stories as they go along.  Sometimes they keep them straight, sometimes not.  This fellow is a pathological liar.  He has spent years in office lying whenever it suits him.  Strangely, there is a minority of the American public who […]

The Sound Of Silence

When Presidential candidate Joe Biden formally introduced his VP-candidate Kamala Harris yesterday afternoon, the room was deathly silent as they spoke.  The energy of an audience was missing and the media, the only ones there, couldn’t applaud.  This is a severe penalty of the COVID era and a marketing challenge.  How do you project the […]

Uncounted, Unmourned

There is an estimate that tens of thousands of small businesses are closing their doors without going bankrupt.  Nobody knows how many because there is no record of them in the courts.  One can only guess.  They are uncounted and unmourned.  It is a reminder that data drives the economy and much of what we […]


This story is a prime example of culture and why it takes time to reconcile opposed ways of working.  NASA, cautious and bureaucratic, and SpaceX, entrepreneurial and bold, required years of working together in the trenches to iron out their differences.  The first commercial passenger flight to the International Space Station wouldn’t have happened had […]