Facebook year in review

Three pieces of content driving some serious sharing online last week are “year in review” stories from Facebook, Twitter and Google. Perhaps stories doesn’t do their projects justice. More than just breezy content, each story also holds lessons for brands and their approach to content marketing.

It’s Not About You: Facebook
By tapping into each user’s last 12 months of activity, Facebook gets high marks for its year in review on two levels.

First and foremost, they do not make the project about Facebook. It’s about the life moments each visitor shared on Facebook

Making the user the center of the story makes them more inclined to participate. And the project’s output, a personal visualization of each user’s activity, is slowly helping consumers get more comfortable playing with, visualizing and sharing their personal data.

Brand Lesson: To encourage consumer engagement through content marketing, consider what your brand enables the consumer to do instead of simply focusing on your brand.

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