Facebook employees are angry with their boss, Mark Zuckerberg, for failing to take down President Trump’s quote, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”  Zuckerberg says he is appalled by it but the First Amendment protects the words.  It was a tough call, especially after Twitter hid the inflammatory message with the approbation of its CEO.  Zuckerberg now must mend fences in his own company.  It might not be easy to do and there will be other instances in which he will need to oppose his employees.  Google in 2019 faced the same internal unrest and hasn’t put out the flames yet.  There are no easy answers for internet information distributors.  Any call they make about language will be criticized by someone.  It comes down to the personal choice of the CEOs, their commitment to speech and their judgment about its effect on others.  There are few guidelines to follow, and First Amendment lawyers can be divided as well.  Listening to employees might be a start but it is not a panacea.  Employees can be wrong as anyone else.   

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