Read the beautiful letter to employees from America’s wealthiest African-American.  His call for love to offset racism is in marked contrast to thugs looting stores and burning buildings.  A criminal element has tainted tens of thousands of law-abiding protestors who have gathered around the country to decry police brutality.  One might point out that the billionaire is in a privileged position to call for love.  He isn’t out of work and watching the larder at home become bare.  That’s true, but he could well have called for agitation and pressure against police departments to offset discrimination he has known his entire life.  That he didn’t is a tribute to character and to a deeper appeal to staff.  There is need for both demonstrations and love in the US until the day an African-American can feel safe when leaving the house and meeting police on the street.  There should be no tolerance for looting, no matter the frustration.

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