In the internet era, words that go out of the boundary of common decency tend to resurface at inopportune times.  At least, that was the case for this fellow.  He has been an arch-conservative flamethrower for awhile and supported on Breitbart news, but his quasi-endorsement of pedophilia was too much for the news site and for his image.  It should be a warning, as if anyone needs one, to watch out for what you say even in private meetings or on podcasts.  How is it in these times one needs to say that one’s words come back to haunt?  It is obvious, yet people still feel secure enough to make inadvisable remarks.  It is a lack of common sense, a feeling of invulnerability, an insensitivity to the dictates of the culture in which one lives.  So, yet another commentator drops from the scene and is hardly lamented.

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