Few expect a grandiloquent speech from President-elect Biden tomorrow.  He is not that kind of person.  But, this opinion piece argues that words mean little anyway.  It’s what Biden does that will make the difference.  And, what he focuses on in his first days needs to be COVID vaccinations and the economy.  This is as it should be.  PR is what you do and less what you say.  If Biden takes action quickly and moves laws through Congress, he will burnish his image with even disaffected voters.  Others can then praise him.  Others with more credibility than Biden alone has.  It was grating to listen to President Trump boasting that he was one of the finest leaders to occupy the White House.  His self-praise highlighted his shortcomings.  If Biden is a doer, then even modest claims for himself will have force.  We need a humble President after four years of turmoil.

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