Fail whale cake I like Cake — the food that’s spawned a ton of TV shows and, more importantly, the band.

I like Twitter too. So why did I take the Cake song “Going the Distance” and create this Twitter parody?

If we can’t laugh at ourselves, what’s the point? Just be thankful I didn’t pick “Tweet It” and I’m not into karaoke.

Is it funny? You tell me. But it’s definitely a parody. So here’s one of my favorite earworms — dedicated to the social plaform, and cottage industry, that’s grown up around it.

“Updating Your Status”
140 characters, a parting line
Fingers nimble and dancing in time
The fail wail flashes, No tweets go out
So Mashable and Techcrunch begin to shout

We talk amongst ourselves and post cool links
But does it do any good or cause you to think?
Shallow and brief it adds to the chatter
And we follow people who seem to matter

As we speed read old tweets, Twitter’s still down
More nerds up in arms, a worldwide frown
The site is free, unless you promote content
Hoping and praying Twitter’s a silver bullet

Google Wave’s coming down as Facebook grows up
Yet YouTube’s showing two girls, one cup?
So we’re surfing, and skimming and watching news spread
Life streaming is Hard. “That’s what she said.”

Updating your status
Polluting the stream
It’s TMI. TMI. Needy and kind of boring

We use hashtags, DMs and retweets too
Drinking coffee, Redbull or Mt. Dew
We’re updating our status


No tweetups no twitpics, no memes, no doubt
How would we function, whine or pout?
When bowel shaking earthquakes and other events
Take place in the world, Twitter informs. People still vent.

We tell all it’s essential, a most important site.
But would we pay for it? Pfft, yeah, right.
We keep surfing and linking and watching news spread
Did you hear the latest? Abe Vigoda’s still. not. dead.

As Foursquare gets down Facebook Places goes up
Half a billion users? All your base are belong to us.
Now you’re going geo-loco with your Twitter gang.
I’m headed out for some coffee, do you wanna hang?


Fail Whale uploaded by Mariana Pugliese

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