That is the amount President Trump paid in 2016, the year he became President.  It will smack many Americans as an insult although Trump arrived at the bill through claiming hundreds of millions of losses on his businesses.  Look for the figure to become a rallying cry for Democrats who have long complained of the hypocrisy of the man.  Although the amount is probably accurate, it stands as a publicity symbol of ineptness in business and a faux lifestyle supporting houses, a large airplane and millions of personal expenses.  It is a hallmark of self-interested dealing that Americans dislike and sought to punish by elevating Trump to the highest office in the first place.  Will it change minds?  Not among true believers who have locked themselves to his fortunes.  It might well tilt the vote of those teetering between a Democrat for whom they have no particular feeling and a Republican whose behavior has been rank of the lowest order.  It’s still too early to call an election that is bound to be messy and unlike any other in American history, but Trump’s PR stinks.

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