Sunday February 5, 2023

From Bad To Worse

HP’s announcement of a $8.8 billion write-down of last year’s acquisition is one more spike into its reputation as a well-managed business.  Analysts and investors are asking if HP’s leaders can do anything right.  The pressure on CEO Meg Whitman has increased and skepticism abounds. HP is not the only electronics company to face criticism. […]

PR Takes A Lesson From Advertising

This news might depress PR practitioners who know they do good work.  According to judges at Cannes, advertising agencies are doing better PR work than PR agencies.  No PR agency won one of 20 Gold Lions for PR.  One could pooh-pooh the judging or feel depressed, but it is interesting that arbiters are finding advertising […]

Local, Social & Mobile Trends from Mary Meeker

When I saw Mary Meeker present at Conversational Marketing Summit, it was a race between my hands and my keyboard as to which one would fail first. The keyboard won as she moved through her Internet trends presentation with the substance of an academic and the speed of an auctioneer. Meeker’s All Things D presentation maintained her […]

The Power of Unassuming Brands (a lesson from Signal P&G)

The Signal P&G event brought together brands we see in the news almost daily — from Twitter and Facebook to Coca-Cola and more. But the brands on Procter & Gamble’s dais getting less media attention, or perhaps less positive media attention, were the most interesting that day. Presentations from Amazon, AOL and Nokia taught me to reconsider […]

Separating Noise from Signal (at) P&G

P&G is hosting an event to “showcase ideas from some of the most well-known and respected digital thought leaders and share a few ideas of (their) own at Signal P&G on March 8 at P&G’s Cincinnati HQ.” Digital’s Connecting Brands with ConsumersThere will be a mix of case studies and interviews from an impressive lineup of brands […]

Branding with Color: Lessons from Coke

At my previous gig, my colleagues took pictures of a client’s store and the competition’s stores. A designer would convert them to black and white photos and blur any logos in the pics. Then they’d ask the client to match the stores with the brands. It was rare for someone to ace this test. It’s […]

Lessons from “The Future of Non-Profits” | BOOK REPORT | 05.17.11

Open publication – Free publishing – More authors Randall Moss asked me to review “The Future of Non-Profits” and I’m glad he did. While it’s specific to non-profits, some of the content can be applied to other organizations. In fact, the book is a practical guide with several resources to get readers started with innovation […]

Facebook Profiles, Tumblr Growing Pains & Moving from Self-Entitlement to Personal Accountability

If you don’t see your new profile yet on Facebook, just head here and follow the three easy steps. Dave Knox notes this is more for the advertiser and Facebook – not the user. Take Facebook’s tour and you’ll see that Knox is right. I’ll also note, while LinkedIn has been drafting off Facebook for awhile, […]

Shift from Ideate to Create

October’s Cincinnati Social Media focused on entrepreneurs and start ups. Held at seed-stage venture accelerator, The Brandery, the event was sponsored by CincyTechUSA. Full disclosure: I’m a brand mentor at the Brandery and my employer is also lending support. The Commodity of IdeasRockfish Interactive CMO Dave Knox presented his TEDxCincy topic detailing the opportunity for entreprenuers and startups in […]