Global smart phone shipments have reached a billion, according to research firm IDC.  That is a significant fraction of the world’s population.  It makes smart phones as common as PC’s or any other computer-based medium.  From the point of view of communicators, smart phone capabilities make them the medium of choice and perhaps the medium of our time.  It is an individualized and personalized delivery vehicle, the opposite of mass media.  This means that communications need to be atomized to reach those one wants to influence.  The smart phone puts a premium on e-mail, texting and delivery of internet information to small screens.  It offers possibilities for creative visual communications through the phone’s resident camera.  It provides instant directions and information access through GPS and the internet.  Those of us trained in the idea of mass information dissemination might not be prepared for PR through the smart phone.  We don’t have much time left to learn.

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