True PR is what a company does and not what it claims without backup.  This then, is an example of true PR.  Blue Origin demonstrated an emergency escape system for its New Shephard rocket and crew capsule, and as an added plus returned the reusable booster to a perfect touchdown.  The company wasn’t expecting the rocket to land safely as it did, and mission control was thrilled when it settled upright on the desert floor.  The entire sequence was recorded and sent to the world for all to see that Blue Origin is a serious player in space flight.  It let the successful test speak for itself.  The rocket with capsule fired, climbed to tens of thousands of feet, the crew cabin separated and floated to earth on parachutes while the booster kept itself upright as it retreated back to land then fired its rockets to stop its descent.  It couldn’t have been better, and it is true PR.

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