On rare occasions one is dogged by writing that never seems finished.  Consider, for example, a release that goes through — count ‘em — 17 versions.  Each time one thinks it is done, there is a word change, a phrase subtracted, another phrase added and yet another round of approvals.  This continues until it takes a life of its own.  No one seems to be in a hurry to finish and arguments erupt over what should  be included in it.  So one goes through a spate of inclusion and exclusion of facts.  Eventually, that exhausts itself and the release settles back into wordsmithing that continues for versions more.  At this point, the original author has given up trying to preserve the tone and intent of the release and is making changes solely to put an end to the process.  There is no use fighting.  The exercise becomes “Yazza Boss!”  Whatever the client wants with the intent of “Let’s get the damn thing done.”  Usually by time everyone is exhausted with making changes, the release looks nothing like it did when the process started and it isn’t necessarily good.  It just is and the quicker one can issue it and see it gone, the better.  One is thankful that there weren’t 18 versions or 20 or 25 and is left with the feeling that there must be a better way.  

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