Linkedin A recent upgrade of LinkedIn’s iPhone app made it look simpler and prettier. And while it’s gotten some good reviews, I’ve heard some folks are left wanting more. Regardless of how you’re using LinkedIn from a mobile perspective, there are other ways to get your fix without visiting the site.

Outlook Integration
As the defacto email platform for coporate America, odds are good you’re also using Outlook. I’ve installed the LinkedIn/Outlook integration at work and it’s pretty slick. Of note is that it’s easy to install and setup, unlike RSS feeds in Outlook.

And for every person you address an email to their profile pops up at the bottom of the email with some of their latest LinkedIn activity, as this screen grab shows. It feels a bit like Gist’s social CRM platform.

LinkedIn bought the Cardmuch app and it’s a free, dead-simple way to turn any print business cards you’ve recieved into LinkedIn/iPhone contact info. It works amazingly well. The only thing missing for me to give it two thumbs up is there’s no obvious way to export all of this content.

LinkedIn’s API is being tapped in some more trendy ways as well. Visualize.Me lets you turn your profile into an infographic. You can customize it and create a public link to the outcome so you can show people how #winning you are — instead of tell.

These are just three ways to extend LinkedIn and help your business networking efforts. What are some of your favorite ways to leverage Linkedin?

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