The University of North Carolina has imposed a burden on its reputation that will last a long time.  This comes from an academic scandal in which athletes could take courses that did not require them to show up for class.  The university is in the process of cleaning up the mess it made, but it hasn’t done so willingly and it took after the whistle blower who exposed the fraud.  It is sad because UNC was once known for its academic standards.  Now it is just one more university mesmerized by big time sports and willing to do anything to reach the winner’s circle.  What is worse is that it has violated its bargain with its student athletes.  Play for us and we will give you an education.  It would have been better if its athletes had gone directly into professional sports and skipped college.  The only PR tactic that will work for the university now is for it to set down tough standards for its athletes and to enforce them year after year.  

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