This article is a reminder that one is never in private any longer, and anything one says or writes can be made public.  While the piece focuses on recent “stings” perpetrated on the Governor of Wisconsin and a senior executive of National Public Radio, it could have been much longer and more comprehensive.  For example, it could have included, the data dumped by Wikileaks or even the resignation of the State Department spokesman for remarks made at a university or the wiretapping and e-mails produced in evidence at the trial of the hedge fund manager Raj  Rajaratnam.  The demise of privacy increases pressure on individuals to watch what they think, say and do.  There is no room for slips, and one doesn’t get a second chance.  That is why one should cultivate personal habits of self censorship.  Freedom of Speech is ironically no longer free unless one is willing to suffer the consequences to reputation and livelihood.

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