We noted here that Waymo is confronting an ugly reality by putting safety drivers back into its self-driving vans.  Here is another post-hype letdown that is worse than autonomous vehicles — Bitcoin.  The commentator opines that the value of the cryptocurrency is approaching zero.  It costs too much to mine and those digging it out will cease operations.  This is a huge come-down from the days not so long ago when a Bitcoin was worth $20,000 or more and there was a frenzy to get in on the digging.  Skeptics aplenty cautioned investors to stay away from it because it isn’t a store of value but only an expectation.  Its worth depends on the number of people who want it.  After the hype, Bitcoin is settling into ignominy.  Greed-driven investors are counting losses, and there is a good chance it will never come back.  

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