This reporter did what good journalists do when confronted by new technology.  He used it to create a deepfake video by supplanting one person’s face for another.  It cost him $500 and two weeks of time.  His conclusion?  It’s not as easy as it sounds and PR practitioners and others might not need to worry yet that their leaders will find their faces swapped with that of a porn actor in action.  Still, he warns that it is a matter of time before the software is easier to use and people with lesser skills will be able to create their own deepfake videos.  Then it will be a concern.  He is, perhaps, too optimistic about the public learning to distrust video without corroboration of its authenticity.  Many are gullible.  It will require, as it does now, close monitoring and swift reaction when a deepfake shows up. Public figures, especially, need to be wary.

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