The Augusta National Golf Club chairman has hit an issue straight down the fairway, bending neither right nor left.  This was the result of his comments on the new Georgia voting law.  He affirmed the right to vote but he did not comment on the law.  He also rejected calls for moving the Masters tournament out of Georgia.  Predictably, both liberals and conservatives are unhappy with him.  But, what could he do?  The Masters is linked inextricably with the Augusta golf course. There is no way to move it.  Stepping into the middle of the controversy with vocal opposition to the Georgia law could upset members of the club whose annual dues keep it going.  So, he chose a high-level position and expressed optimism that there are ways to work out difficulties.  One can read his words either way — in support of or against the new law.  It’s an example of Delphic communications, and probably the best he can do at this time.   

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