What happens when the people on whom you rely to sell your product know little about it?  They won’t sell it or they will represent the product badly.  This is the dilemma facing manufacturers of electric cars and their relations with dealers.  Car salespersons have been steering consumers away from electric vehicles and back to gas engine autos.  There are reasons for this. The salespersons know little about electric vehicles, and they can’t sell follow-on service because EVs need little maintenance.  There is, in other words, not as much incentive to sell a battery auto.  There is one way auto manufacturers can attack this problem — educational PR.  That is, getting dealership sales staff into electric vehicles and showing them the advantages.  It is interesting if auto manufacturers haven’t done this already.  One wonders about their commitment to the EV.  Then again, it is a new world for builders as it is for sellers and the transition takes time.  Autos have relied on internal combustion engines for more than 100 years, and the engines are not going away soon.

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