HerocardsIt’s amazing to see social media and cause marketing mix**.

These additives combine to inspire and, most importantly, do the right thing in the process.

My employer, Empower MediaMarketing, brings us one example in Empower 25. On the company’s 25th anniversary, we decided to give back instead of looking back. As the site details, it couldn’t have gone better for all involved. The benefits of social media will continue to help The Brighton Center.

And the event served as a catalyst for teams throughout Empower. These teams had social media training, are aware of the agency’s social media policy, but needed to see it in action for everything to really click.

An even more recent example, and the subject of this post, comes from Evan Carmichael.

Entrepreneur Heroes Trading Cards
Carmichael worked with 33 bloggers to pick 30 entrepreneurs that inspire them. The end result is this set of trading cards. Who inspires Guy Kawasaki? Steve Rubel? Darren Rowse? Seth Godin? Chris Brogan? These trading cards are a cool way to find out. Nerd worship? Maybe. But we’ve seen stranger examples. The cards got my attention as they provide insight into who inspires some of the folks we read, retweet and interact with online and in real life — all while helping raise money for Kiva.

Win a Set of Trading Cards
You can win a set of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak trading cards — as seen here. I have three sets to give away. They’re heavy duty swag with authenticity holograms and cases for each card. Just comment on this post. Or follow me on Twitter, than @ me on or DM me about the trading cards. The contest ends in one week, on Wednesday, April 7th at Noon.

Help Kiva
Your other option is to buy a set of trading cards. Profits from sales go to support entrepreneurs in Africa that set up their businesses through the micro-lending organization Kiva. More than 825 Entrepreneurs have been helped so far.

**To see even more examples, and do a deeper dive on cause marketing, check out “The Next Evolution of Marketing: Marketing with Meaning” by Bob Gilbreath.

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