Wall Street, which supported President Obama with millions to get him elected is now turning against him.  They shouldn’t be surprised by Obama’s opposition to their interests.  Politicians change with the wind if it suits them to do so.  Just because one has supported a politician with money, as Wall Street did, does not mean one has purchased a politician’s favor.  I’m tempted to feel sorry for the Wall Street crowd, but the temptation will pass.  Yes, Wall Street money men have been treated shabbily since President Obama took office, but their focus is on making money over how to fashion society for the benefit of all.  An activist president, as Obama is, was bound to step on their interests.  From a PR perspective, Obama appealed to the society as a whole and demonized Wall Streeters in order to do so.  It was demagoguery.  What politician hasn’t used that tactic?

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