Some people refuse to change their minds in the face of mounting evidence.  Nothing will persuade them their position might be wrong.  When it comes to climate change, facts are piling up but there is still a large contingent of Americans who say it is bogus. Scientists warn on a monthly basis with new sets of indicators but deniers pooh-pooh it all and go about their way.  It is hard for PR to change this.  We must wait until one-by-one citizens swing over to a different view.  The situation is like that of anti-smoking efforts, which took decades to succeed in the face of strenuous opposition from tobacco companies.  In the climate case, we have a President who doesn’t accept it and is a strong supporter of coal interests. There will be little headway until he is gone.  The issue will become all the more urgent as years pass and the globe continues to warm.  At some point, a majority will accept the shifting temperatures and something will be done.  Just not yet.

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