People have predicted for years that cities will be wired with sensors to make management and living easier.  The challenge is that it is expensive and the technology was never quite there.  Now, AT&T says it is, and it has designated cities to wire as test projects.  This is one more step in the evolution of the Internet of Things and in cities’ services to citizens. It is smart PR.  Note that AT&T did not put a deadline on the project, and that is both good and bad.  It provides the company leeway to speed or slow installation depending on local conditions.  It is bad in that AT&T might stop the project at any time because it is too expensive and without expected returns.  Several services mentioned in the article do not provide immediate benefits.  Still, the evolution continues and sooner or later, cities will be wired and they will learn how to use the new technology.  That will open ways to build relationships with the public that few can guess today.

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