President Trump is trying to be clever — and he might get away with it.  He is claiming today that the election in November will be rigged if states allow mail-in voting.  If the election is close, he can challenge it in court.  If the gap is wide, he can say he was defeated by fraud.  In any event, he can push the blame on others while holding himself guiltless.  Excuses, excuses.  Trump conducts his management by excusing himself and blaming others “who are out to get him.”  It is as if he doesn’t know Harry Truman’s famous quote, “The buck stops here.”  Truman understood that Presidents make hard decisions and must stand by them.  For Trump, there is little or nothing of negative outcomes that he will own up to.  He boasts of good outcomes and calls himself a genius.  Anything bad is the other guy.  It’s a lousy way to conduct public relations and Trump’s poor polling numbers show it.

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