Leave it to political campaigns to turn fact checking into a weapon.  And when the fact checking doesn’t go their way, they make up facts to use in TV advertising.  Political campaigners are often people who believe the end justifies the means.  That politicians go along with them says something about the moral rectitude of candidates.  Fact checking should be non-partisan and a tool to get to truth.  It has turned into a cudgel to hammer opponents.  Perversion of purpose makes it unreliable and voters should be wary of claims.  Yet, campaigners will continue to use fact checking as long as it serves their purposes.  Fact checking is a fundamental step in PR and not because we slander opponents.  Rather, we don’t wish to be rejected by the media for lack of accuracy.  It is a defensive tool for PR, and that is as it should be for political campaigns.  Too bad it isn’t.

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