Pokemon Go is sweeping the nation and millions are playing the game in just eight days since it has been released.  The game and public reaction have all the hallmarks of a fad.  Fads usually come and go fairly quickly.  The public embraces a consumer offering en masse then tires of it and moves on.  In this case, a hard core group of players will remain and the question for Niantic will be whether to keep supporting the game.  There is no good way to manage a fad.  It blows up like fire in dry tinder.  One is under immediate pressure to support it and to stay abreast of its popularity.  The mistake companies can make is to assume a fad will remain at its peak.  They gear up for it only to watch its popularity fall   Pokemon Go may last for days, or even weeks at a fever pitch, but it will subside soon enough into just another game.

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