Fads are tricky times of mass psychology affecting organizations and individuals.  One can ride them for momentary marketing and communications advantage but they come to an end soon enough.  Then, one is left with proceeding in relative obscurity where the company or individual had been before mass enthusiasm.  There is an investing fad now that is going to end badly for many investors but for the moment Wall Street is pumping it for profit.  That is the SPAC, the special purpose acquisition company.  It is a stock-based shell with a time limit to find and merge or purchase a company.  The shell is not real but for the monies it has raised.  The company it merges or buys might not be real either, but could be a concept, as some current SPAC holdings are.  The SPAC is a fad ripe for fraud and the SEC is looking into them but many investors for the moment can’t get enough of them. They are buying into SPACs with blind greed and they aren’t listening to rational voices warning them away.  Fads overtake conservative thinking and spark gold rush mania.  Marketers and communicators should be wary of them and understand what they are getting into before leaping aboard the rush.

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