Some people can project themselves into the media’s consciousness with ease.  That doesn’t mean they are better or more talented than others but they have a knack for publicity.  However, when they do so, they had better be prepared for scrutiny, because it will come sooner or later.  That is why this is a cautionary tale.  Michael Avenatti was most recently a national name as he represented a prostitute who claimed to have an affair with President Trump.  Now he is under indictment for extortion and under pressure from the IRS for failing to pay taxes.  He might beat the raps, but his reputation is ruined, especially should a jury decide he has been a fraud.  In the internet age, one needs a clean past to survive public attention. Avenatti apparently didn’t understand that or ignored it in his pursuit of a wealthy lifestyle.  Now he is about to pay the piper and from the evidence, he might not have the wherewithal to do it.  

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