Tesla and Porsche have started a fun competition over whose electric sports car is fastest on the famed Nurburgring road course in Germany. Porsche tested its new Taycan at a blistering fast speed then let the world know it. Tesla, not to be outdone, took two prototype Model S to the track and handily passed Porsche’s times.  The war for bragging rights has begun. In time, Porsche will respond. Then it will be Tesla’s turn.  For the everyday driver, these records mean little but they add an aura to the vehicles that set them.  Porsche is determined to have the ultimate electric sports car, and journalists who have driven the Taycan rave about it.  Soon enough, Tesla will put reporters in the seats of the prototypes, and we will hear opinions from them.  It is good PR for both brands, and the auto world will be watching.

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