Election day is hard to ignore, especially this one.  We have a President who has tarred America’s reputation the world over and spun thousands of lies about nearly everything.  There is a chance he will be re-elected.  We have a challenger who is empathetic, an experienced pol, a survivor of tragedies and a dedicated family man.  It is hard to know at this hour who will win.  Both men have barnstormed battleground states.  Trump has drawn large, enthusiastic crowds.  Biden, following Pandemic protocol, has spoken to people parked in their cars.  If crowd reactions win elections, Trump has an excellent chance.  If moral decency is the criterion, Biden will win going away.  The reputation of the country hangs in a balance.  It is not hysterical to say the leadership of the free world will be decided by tomorrow.  One can only hope — and pray.

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