Presidential candidate Joe Biden is sinking and is in dire need of a boost.  One wonders if he can get it when he uses phrases like this to accuse citizens of lying.  Biden says it is a line from a movie, a John Wayne western, and he has used it before.  It makes no difference.  He is being called out for it and given his low ranking in the race, he can’t afford to lose votes. Biden, like President Trump, must be a handful for his advisers. He is a gaffe-prone politician who also has an on-again, off-again respect for facts.  The difference for Biden is that his legislative record is out there for all to see, so he can’t get away with claiming a position he has not held in the past.  Name-calling lowers himself to the level of Trump who has offensive monikers for every one of his opponents.  The Democratic party doesn’t need a candidate who seeks to out-Trump Trump. Biden needs to retool his campaign and PR strategy quickly — or else.

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