In international diplomacy, as in every other human endeavor, one should speak from a position of authority and credibility.  That is why this call to Syria to turn over its chemical weapons is absurd.  There is no guarantee that America will strike the country.  The President is scrounging for votes, although he could have sent in missiles already.  The public is overwhelmingly opposed to a military strike.  Assad has already deployed chemical weapons once and can be considered likely to use them again.  The US has already said that its goal is punishment but not regime change.  So, what is there for Assad to fear?  If the President’s finger were on the button and American troops were poised at Syria’s border, there would be a different dynamic.  So, put this Kerry warning down as huffin’ n’ puffin’ without substance.  In Texas, there is a cliche for this kind of talk — big hat, no cattle.  It is poor international relations. 

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