The National Rifle Association has much to answer for, not the least of which is this.  That we still don’t have good data on gun deaths is inexcusable.  Nothing in the constitution bars gathering information, but the NRA in its paranoia has blocked any such data collection.  I’m not adverse to guns just like I’m not against driving, but it is sick that we have more stats on auto deaths than from guns. Yet both are involved in the same number of deaths a year in the US.  I’ve long favored a national registry for weapons just like data collection for autos, but here again the NRA says no and Congress listens to it.  The NRA proves that an organization with a suspect or outright bad reputation can continue to do business as long as it has supporters somewhere.  The NRA speaks to gun owners and mobilizes them against anything that might constrict their free use of arms.  They are a minority of the American population but they are vocal.  Hence, nothing changes.

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