International relations is the art of making and keeping friends around the world. It is recognition that no matter how powerful a nation might be, there comes a time when it needs allies.  Insulting friends isn’t done because one wants to maintain a bond.  This is why the President gets a failing grade in international relations.  He has imposed tariffs on friend and foe alike in his effort to “Make America Great Again.”  How can one beat up on Canada, our loyal neighbor to the north?  What possesses one to take a whack at Mexico where so many goods are manufactured?  Trump believes the US is weak and needs protection from predatory neighbors.  His way of going about it is ham-handed and self-destructive.  Congress needs to convince him to lift the tariffs and negotiate, but Congress is weak itself with infighting among Republicans.  The midterm elections can’t come soon enough.  Maybe, just maybe, we will get a Senate and House that will stand up to Trump and make peace with allies.

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