Lulzsec has signed off and departed from the internet — or so it says.  This is after exposing the private information of millions of users and embarrassing governments and corporations with security breaches.  One thing we know for certain.  Someone will take Lulzsec’s place and the internet will remain a place of invisible attackers.  Everything that resides or crosses the internet is vulnerable, and there is no crisis plan that can encompass all possible variations of data leaks.  That means companies, governments and other organizations will need to endure assaults on their reputations as a part of operations.  This might be a good thing in that it will keep all organizations on their toes.  It is bad to the extent that the so-called reservoir of goodwill will never quite fill and will become depleted quickly.  We are living in a world where at any time and in many ways an invisible enemy can attack and score a victory.

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