Airlines are cramming seats on planes through shrinking space and seats themselves.  Passengers are becoming surly as a result.  The airlines’ excuse is that the public wants low fares and to keep them low, they have to pack more people into each plane.  It’s public relations.  Not really.  It’s cash flow optimization. One can appreciate the dilemma that carriers have.  As a group they have been marginally profitable for years.  The only way they can make their revenue is to fly more people or charge higher fares to fly fewer.  Most passengers elect lower fares and the discomfort of tight seating.  But, there is a limit, and airlines are approaching it.  When passengers become abusive in cabins, it stresses others and the airline employees serving them.  One wonders when an airline will call a public halt to shrinking seats and leg room.  They are not there yet. 

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