As if Uber didn’t have enough PR problems with governments trying to close it down, the shooting in Kalamazoo focused concern on its driver vetting. Add to that a revolt among its drivers who are trying to build their own application rather than use Uber.  The company is beset by troubles brought on by rapid expansion and arrogance in dealing with cities and states.  It also cut driver returns in a price war that it cannot win.  The more it squeezes its drivers, the fewer of them remain to handle the business.  Uber is not exactly in a free-fall but it isn’t on the right side of perception.  It seems to be a company in difficulty rather than a thriving technology concern.  If so, Uber could go the way of dozens of other technology businesses that burst on the scene then withered.  Chances are its model can be imitated locally to the confusion of users, and there could be over time dozens of Uber-like services offered to the public.  Uber’s brand is in peril and the company doesn’t have much time to turn it around.

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