Google engineers are hiding behind their code in the matter of data collection while taking street-view photos for the mapping service.  No one wants responsibility although they all had some hand in the recording of WiFi signals.  The lack of credibility is a parable of four artisans before the king explaining away the killing of the king’s favorite deer.  Each takes a tiny responsibility for the deed and no blame.

“I made the arrow but I didn’t shoot it,” said the first.

“I strung the bow but I didn’t notch the arrow into it,” said the second.

“I notched the arrow but I didn’t aim it,” said the third.

“I aimed the arrow, but I didn’t fire it,” said the fourth.

Someone among the group must have realized the intent of the work.  Perhaps they all did, but “you can’t blame me.”   No one would be surprised that the king had them all tortured.  Similarly, Google’s engineers will have a hard time explaining away responsibility, and their lack of credibility hurts the company’s image.

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