Jeff Bezos’ search for Apollo rocket engines under 14,000 feet of seawater has nothing to do with his company,, but it is offbeat and interesting nonetheless.  Bezos is a space enthusiast, and he is using his personal fortune for a good cause — retrieving items used in an historic event — flying to and landing on the surface of the moon.  As every passing year makes clear, the moon landings were a feat of incredible technological skill and organization that have been rarely equaled.  They made space real for the first time for earthlings and changed the way we think about the world.  No matter what Bezos does with the items fished from the ocean bottom, he is doing a service for history.  One would expect the engines and components to end up in a museum somewhere — perhaps Smithsonian National Air and Space?  Even if they don’t, Bezos has added a positive glow to his reputation.  It is good personal PR.

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