Google is contending with a PR problem surrounding its artificial intelligence voice.  It is so good critics are condemning it as a violation of ethics and trust.  The company unveiled the “voice” at its annual I/O conference and the audience cheered.  Those who fear AI immediately criticized the natural delivery as too good. There is no way people can tell they are talking to a machine and not a human.  This for AI critics is the worst nightmare and a sign machines are taking the place of humans.  Google needs to address the fear before it becomes a reason for regulation and prevention of further AI development.  This is not the first nor last time new technologies have ignited opposition, but as in the past, there needs to be a clear presentation to the public that technologies are a benefit to mankind and not a harm.  This might in the form of a “killer app” everyone wants to use or a winning demonstration of progress.  For every step forward, there needs to be one backward to appease critics and educate the public.

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