In Washington DC political circles, perception is called optics, and this is a case in which the optics were bad.  Former president Bill Clinton visited the Attorney General of the US while waiting in their planes on the tarmac at the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.  The visit was described as friendly with no discussion of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail kerfuffle, but it looked disgraceful.  Some critics are pointing to Bill Clinton as the primary offender here.  He should know to keep his distance when there is an investigation involving his wife.  That he didn’t smacks of indefensible ignorance or arrogance — law and perception don’t apply to him.  Other critics are pointing to the AG.  Loretta Lynch should have known not to have taken the meeting as innocuous as it might have been.  There are politics involved in the flap.  Republicans are looking for any way possible to slow Hillary’s march to the White House. Hillary, of course, doesn’t need this flap before she is nominated as the Democratic Presidential candidate.  However,she put herself into the mess by deciding to use her own server for her State Department e-mails rather than the officially designated system.  Chances are good she won’t be charged, but the optics of that situation are similarly bad.

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