Cold fusion is the laughingstock of the scientific world.  Researchers who pursue studies into the mystery need strong hides to deflect criticism.  Yet, some continue because there is something that causes excess heat to be created in electrolysis.  Why do scientists risk their careers by pursuing such an out-of-favor technology?  Some think they are delusional and see what isn’t there. Others are dispatched as charlatans like those who propose so-called perpetual motion machines.  I’ve witnessed  this kind of science.  Years ago, I was introduced to a researcher who believed nickel was the future of fuel cells.  He would brook no opposition to his thinking or questions for that matter.  The fellow was an established scientist who had convinced himself of the validity of his approach.  Thus far, his view has not gained universal favor and his company continues to putter.  Nickel-based fuel cells do work, but the technology hasn’t broken through.  Cold fusion is steps below the nickel fuel cell.  Anyone attempting to do PR for Cold fusion is instantly branded as a crackpot, and perhaps, that is as it should be until there is hard evidence backed by theory for the process.

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